Emma Carbone

Emma Carbone is a librarian in Brooklyn. She has been blogging about books since 2007 at Miss Print. When she isn’t reading, you can find her baking, crocheting, or exploring local museums.

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Book Review

The Heartbreak Bakery

By A.R. Capetta

An agender teen’s delicious Breakup Brownies accidentally work too well.

Book Review

Baby & Solo

By Lisabeth Posthuma

A likable, “almost Normal” teen finds camaraderie in a 1990s video store.

Book Review

All Our Hidden Gifts

By Caroline O’Donoghue

Did a mysterious tarot card prompt the disappearance of an Irish teen’s former friend?

Book Review

Amber & Clay

By Laura Amy Schlitz

The gods direct the action in this story-in-verse about two very different children thrown together in ancient Greece.

Book Review

The Scapegracers

By Hannah Abigail Clarke

This smart, feminist Halloween tale would make a great read any time of year.

Book Review

Tigers, Not Daughters

By Samantha Mabry

Four sisters — three living, one dead — struggle to resist the men who repeatedly fail them.

Book Review

With the Fire on High

By Elizabeth Acevedo

A strong, independent teenage mom learns to ask for help when she needs it.

Book Review

The Vanishing Stair

By Maureen Johnson

There’s murder afoot at a quirky New England boarding school.

Book Review

You Are the Everything

By Karen Rivers

A wish to change everything comes true, in terrible fashion.

Book Review

A Room Away From the Wolves

By Nova Ren Suma

Inside a mysterious Manhattan boardinghouse, a flawed teen learns to embrace her truth.

Book Review

Tell Me No Lies

By Adele Griffin

The late 1980s come to life in this detail-rich tale of a teenager’s journey of self-discovery.