Book Review

To Be a Man

By Nicole Krauss

This immersive collection brilliantly considers the raw material of the world.

Book Review

My Monticello: Fiction

By Jocelyn Nicole Johnson

A wry, captivating reimagining of history both recent and receding.

Book Review

The Dog of Tithwal: Stories

By Saadat Hasan Manto; translated by Khalid Hasan and Aatish Taseer

A charged, sober collection about life in post-partition India and Pakistan.

Book Review

Cool for America

By Andrew Martin

Flawed, sympathetic characters battle personal and societal demons in this intelligent, wry collection.

Book Review

Skinship: Stories

By Yoon Choi

The Korean American experience is examined in this debut collection.

Book Review

Shoko’s Smile: Stories

By Choi Eunyoung; translated by Sung Ryu

Melancholy permeates this spare, insightful collection from South Korea.

Book Review

We Had No Rules

By Corinne Manning

An examination of transgression, belonging, and coming of age in American queerness.

Book Review

A Soviet Jew reminisces about life in Leningrad under Communist rule.