They Fell Like Stars from the Sky & Other Stories

By Sheikha Helawy; translated by Nancy Roberts

They Fell Like Stars from the Sky & Other Stories

Bedouin Palestinian women and girls find freedom amid oft-suffocating conditions.

Women! In! Peril!: Stories

By Jessie Ren Marshall

Women! In! Peril!: Stories

A witty collection of subversive, sardonic tales.

Fifty Beasts to Break Your Heart: And Other Stories

These smart, trippy tales will delight fans of the paranormal.

Float Up, Sing Down: Stories

For fans of the author’s novel Zorrie, these linked tales will feel like home.

So Late in the Day: Stories of Women and Men

An assured, quietly powerful trio of tales.

We Have Always Been Who We Are

Magical realism highlights the absurdities of life in this not-quite-cohesive collection.

Every Drop Is a Man’s Nightmare: Stories

This debut collection is a rich tapestry of occupation, resistance, and Hawaiian identity.

Night Side of the River: Ghost Stories

This eerie, incisive collection haunts in more ways than one.