American Ending: A Novel

By Mary Kay Zuravleff

American Ending: A Novel

A young woman seeks to transcend her Russian-immigrant family’s world.

The Late Americans: A Novel

Twentysomethings try to make sense of the world and their place in it.

Like the Appearance of Horses: A Novel

A multigenerational family endures love, loss, and war in this evocative tale.

Atalanta: A Novel

By Jennifer Saint

Atalanta: A Novel

The Argonauts’ quest is retold through the eyes of a female warrior, with mixed results.

Ghost Girl, Banana: A Novel

A Chinese Brit hears from her mysterious benefactor in Hong Kong.

Juno Loves Legs: A Novel

Young Dublin outcasts seek a brighter future in this beguiling tale.

Hestia Strikes a Match: A Novel

An American woman looks for love after the Civil War. The second one.

Dog on Fire

By Terese Svoboda

Dog on Fire

Two damaged, vastly different women navigate a shared grief.