Lessons: A Novel

By Ian McEwan

Lessons: A Novel

An aging everyman learns — beautifully — from life.

Has Anyone Seen My Toes?: A Novel

The silly pandemic story you didn’t know you needed.


By Scholastique Mukasonga; translated by Mark Polizzotti


A spare, multilayered fable about colonial Rwanda.

Bliss Montage: Stories

The author’s first collection sets a surreal world spinning on an axis of displacement.

The Book of Form and Emptiness

Reality proves elusive in this captivating tale of a grieving mother and son.

Plain Air: Sketches from Winesburg, Indiana

This collection invites comparison to that other Winesburg, with surprising results.

The Enigma Affair

By Charlie Lovett

The Enigma Affair

Over-the-top characters make for a rowdy, farfetched read.

The Last Karankawas: A Novel

A diverse Galveston community grapples with turmoil on the ground and looming in the clouds.