Blood & Ink

By Joe Pompeo

Blood & Ink

A deliciously tawdry, well-told tale.

Bridge to the Sun

By Bruce Henderson

Bridge to the Sun

Unsung soldier heroes finally get their due.

Pockets: An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close

Unpacking the gendered politics behind those purposeful pouches.

The Wren, the Wren: A Novel

A stirring tale of family bonds forged by absence.

The Which of Shakespeare’s Why: A Novel of the Authorship Mystery Near Solution Today

A comical exploration of who really penned the Bard’s works.

Two Roads Home: Hitler, Stalin and the Miraculous Survival of My Family

A harrowing account of escaping the Nazis and the Gulag.

Bliss Montage

By Ling Ma

Bliss Montage

The author’s first collection sets a surreal world spinning on an axis of displacement.