A Justice for All?

Two new books promise an unbiased look at Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation, but only one delivers.

13 Upcoming Biographies to Watch For

Biography lovers will gorge on a feast during this spring’s publishing season, which runs from March through August.

The Best Times

John Dos Passos’ memoir The Best Times is a readable pleasure using smell, sight and sound to delight readers with a sensory feast.

Writing About Others

Writing about real people is probably the No. 1 issue writers of personal stories, whether memoir, personal essay or newspaper column, worry about.

13 Biographies To Watch For This Fall

A baker's dozen of the most anticipated biographies of the year.

Shocking the Conscience: A Reporter’s Account of the Civil Rights Movement

David E. Kendall provides a perspective on this memoir chronicling the horror, hope and courage of the civil rights movement.

Sergeant Erwin and the Blazing Bomb

Charged with emotion and heroics, this is the story of one soldier who went above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect.

Roundtable: Authors Talk about Writing on War

Tom Glenn, the author of Friendly Casualties, a book about Vietnam, asked two other writers who have published books about that war - Karl Marlantes and Grady Smith - to explain why they wrote.