Beyond the Book: Payback: The Case for Revenge

Does the desire for vengeance deserve a greater role in the law? Louis E. Wolcher ponders the question.

A Gatsby for Our Times?

Darrell Delamaide explains why he'll be sitting out on the latest Great Gatsby film.

Does Paula Broadwell’s Affair Tarnish Her as a Biographer?

Andrew Marble, who reviewed All In for the Independent and is himself a military biographer, investigates how the affair between General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell may have affected the book.

Variations on a Theme - Politics: Q&A with Daniel K. Williams

God’s Own Party: The Making of the Christian Right traces the evolution of the movement in American politics and examines the influential role the Christian Right has played in the nation’s culture wars. Enlightening for readers of any political persuasion, this book may leave some left-leaning thinkers to ask: “Might the right be on to something?”

Variations on a Theme: Taxes - Q&A with Len Burman and Joel Slemrod

Taxes in America provides helpful information regarding our present tax system and possible alternatives. Writing in a highly accessible style, the authors look at a wide range of personal and business tax issues.

Variations On A Theme - Politics: Q&A With Victoria Bassetti

Electoral Dysfunction goes a long way toward explaining why U.S. election practices are so confusing. It’s a fascinating discussion of both big-picture issues and minutiae.

Author Robyn Arianrhod On Bias Against Women In Science

The author of Seduced by Logic: Emilie du Chatelet, Mary Somerville and the Newtonian Revolution provides a historical perspective on an all-too-real problem.

Author Q&A: Shon Hopwood

Armed with guns, Shon Hopwood and his cohorts robbed five banks, landing Shon and his brother in prison. Law Man is the story of it all and what happened afterward.