Books About War

As part of The Independent’s honoring of Memorial Day, Tom Glenn writes about books on war.

It’s OK to Lie in Memoir

If memoir is the genre of truth, how could it possibly be acceptable to lie? Wasn’t James Frey fried because he lied? And yet, I venture to say that it is indeed OK to lie in memoir.

What is Memoir?

Memoir is the genre du jour, the one people talk about, get upset about, or want to write themselves. Memoir is such a buzz word that it gets slapped on personal stories, whether applicable or not.

Interview with Leslie Maitland

Leslie Maitland’s Crossing the Borders of Time is a story that is too good to be true: a saga of escape and survival and of star-crossed lovers, separated by the Holocaust and family intervention.

Best of 2012: Biographies

Biographer James McGrath Morris chooses the year's best biographies.

Does Paula Broadwell’s Affair Tarnish Her as a Biographer?

Andrew Marble, who reviewed All In for the Independent and is himself a military biographer, investigates how the affair between General Petraeus and Paula Broadwell may have affected the book.

The Privilege of Teaching Memoir

When I mention that I teach memoir writing, I often get the reaction, “You must hear a lot of heavy stuff.” I do, and I feel I live a wider life because of it. But writing memoir is not about the heavy stuff. It’s about what the writer makes of the experience, and about shaping that experience into an engaging story....

Q&A with Wenguang Huang, The Little Red Guard

In a country where cremation is mandatory, the narrator’s grandmother insists on a traditional burial and persuades his father to build a coffin, in this memoir of an ordinary Chinese family during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.