An Interview with Ciera Horton McElroy

The debut novelist talks nukes, family secrets, and her memories of 9/11.

An Interview with Alvin Eng

The playwright/performer talks punk rock, Toisanese Sicilians, and the importance of humor.

An Interview with Amal Ghandour

The writer discusses Beirut, the Arab Spring, and the pitfalls of NGOs.

An Interview with Stephen Policoff

The novelist talks ghosts, grief, and the birth of his alter ego.

An Interview with Susan Coll

The novelist talks bookselling, recalcitrant vacuums, and writing happy endings during sad times.

An Interview with Anne-Marie Oomen

The memoirist opens up about grief, the pandemic, and saying goodbye to her complicated mother.

An Interview with Rilla Askew

The novelist talks complex characters, Tudor England, and what Hilary Mantel meant to her.

Breaking the Silence

Michèle Sarde searches for her family’s Jewish roots.