An Interview with Victoria Kelly

The writer talks resilience and the steadfastness of women on the home front.

An Interview with Gideon Rappaport

The scholar explains what we’ve gotten wrong about Hamlet — and why Shakespeare is for everyone.

An Interview with Alice McDermott

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An Interview with Betty Milan

The multilingual writer talks her Lebanese heritage, “self-xenophobia,” and the work of Jacques Lacan.

An Interview with Temim Fruchter

The debut novelist talks storytelling, quantum physics, and the unknowable-ness of family.

An Interview with N.P. Thompson

The Canadian writer talks crows, dynamic secondary characters, and the appeal of YA novels.

An Interview with Jennifer Lang

The memoirist talks marriage, playing with form, and the joy of hanging her final mezuzah.

An Interview with Marlena Williams

Happy birthday to “The Exorcist,” which premiered 50 years ago today!