A Fighter for Faith

Ken Starr’s new book offers a cogent, vigorous defense of religious liberty.

The Logical Lincoln

In his fascinating new book, Ronald C. White amplifies Abe’s Euclidean approach to thinking.

The Strength of Lady Bird

The former first lady's devotion and political prowess are ably captured in Julia Sweig’s new biography.

Cracking the Code

In his new book, Walter Isaacson expertly chronicles the science — and scientists — behind CRISPR.

The Indomitable Ike

A new book makes the case for the unique greatness of Eisenhower’s leadership.

Contrasting Crusaders

H.W. Brands’ The Zealot and the Emancipator deftly recounts two martyrs' disparate approaches to ending slavery.

The Maestro

The Man Who Ran Washington recounts James Baker’s masterful orchestration of his role as consummate dealmaker in the nation’s capital.

The Clash of the Titans

In The Presidents vs. the Press, Harold Holzer ably delineates the long-drawn battle lines between the media and the Oval Office.