Our Incredible Shrinking Rights

Two recent anthologies speak to women’s precarious slide.

Author Interview: Kevin Barry

Can a book be wickedly funny and sad enough to make you cry? How about both at the same time? Kevin Barry's Dark Lies the Island is a torrent!

Beyond The Book: Electrico W

Andrew Branch looks at the newly translated novel by Hervé Le Tellier, a prominent OuLiPo writer.

Interview with M.G. Vassanji

We interviewed M.G. Vassanji, whose works have won critical claim across the world. The Magic of Saida is the latest of his seven novels.

Author Q&A with Richard Kramer

Lauren Katz interviews Richard Kramer, author of These Things Happen.

Author Q&A with William Kuhn

Author question and answer with William Kuhn, author of Mrs. Queen Takes the Train: A Novel

Q&A with Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood is the author of The Bellwether Revivals: A Novel

Q&A with the William J. Cobb

Encompassing economic turmoil, fears of a major virus, climate change, fundamentalist cults and the hardships of illegal immigrants, William Cobb’s The Bird Saviors is a brilliant new novel that offers an elemental and timely story of resilience, hope — and unexpected love.