Book Review


By Michael Mammay

The fate of the galaxy shouldn't depend on one old soldier — unless he's perfect for the job.

Book Review

Artemis: A Novel

By Andy Weir

This entertaining sophomore effort from the author of The Martian takes readers to the moon.

Book Review

Gunpowder Moon

By David Pedreira

In the year 2072, will a murder committed on the moon lead to all-out war between America and China?

Book Review

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017

Edited by John Joseph Adams and Charles Yu

Twenty clever tales for fans of the fantastical.

Book Review


By Tara Campbell

When arbors attack, watch your back!

Book Review

The Long Cosmos

By Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Despite flashes of brilliance, this final installment of the Long Earth series lacks the depth to stand on its own

Book Review

Zeroes: A Novel

By Chuck Wendig

A sluggishly paced thriller that suffers, in part, from its own immense scope.

Book Review

Slow Bullets: A Novel

By Alastair Reynolds

Strong action and images can’t overcome the weaknesses in this ambitious work.