The Subversive Seventies

An erudite exploration of a surprisingly pivotal decade.

Young Queens: Three Renaissance Women and the Price of Power

An absorbing look at how a trio of monarchs asserted influence.

Budapest: Portrait of a City Between East and West

A fascinating chronicle of Hungary’s storied capital.

Brooding Over Bloody Revenge: Enslaved Women’s Lethal Resistance

A scorching, stunning look at private revolts against bondage.

The Case of the Married Woman

A discarded wife demands equal protection under the law.

Letters for the Ages: The Private and Personal Letters of Sir Winston Churchill

An edifying peek at what “Winny” wrote behind the scenes.

Saving Freud

By Andrew Nagorski

Saving Freud

A riveting saga that belongs on the silver screen.

Beatrice’s Last Smile: A New History of the Middle Ages

A winning antiquarian primer for the rest of us.