A Gentleman and a Thief: The Daring Jewel Heists of a Jazz Age Rogue

The rollicking tale of a Gatsby-esque rake who delighted in diamonds.

Vicious and Immoral: Homosexuality, the American Revolution, and the Trials of Robert Newburgh

How an 18th-century buggery charge dovetailed with the fight for freedom.

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I

How the formidable pair brought reform to England.

In the Service of the Shogun: The Real Story of William Adams

Meet the 17th-century Brit behind James Clavell’s masterpiece.

The Carnation Revolution: The Day Portugal’s Dictatorship Fell

An outstanding account of the Estado Novo’s demise.

The Wounded World

By Chad L. Williams

The Wounded World

An outstanding account of the eminent intellectual’s literary Waterloo.

The Death of Truth

By Steven Brill

The Death of Truth

An engrossing look at the perniciousness of fake news.