The Storyteller

By Dave Grohl

The Storyteller

This pleasant recollection from the affable rocker is light on revelations.

Shirley Hazzard: A Writing Life

An entertaining, edifying look at the underappreciated Australian author.

The Young H.G. Wells

By Claire Tomalin

The Young H.G. Wells

Sadly, the man at the center of this new biography remains largely invisible.

Led Zeppelin

By Bob Spitz

Led Zeppelin

This gimlet-eyed chronicle reveals the rock gods to be sadly (and sickeningly) human.

Listen, World! How the Intrepid Elsie Robinson Became America’s Most-Read Woman

Meet an early-20th-century feminist who blazed her own trail.

Bonhoeffer’s America

The German theologian came to New York twice. What he saw appalled him.

Sinkhole: A Legacy of Suicide

An intelligent, deeply researched reflection on the ultimate form of self-harm.