By Bart D. Ehrman


What to make of the Book of Revelation?

Reading Genesis

By Marilynne Robinson

Reading Genesis

An inspired reconsideration of the Old Testament’s opener.

The Qur’an: A Verse Translation

By M.A.R. Habib and Bruce B. Lawrence

The Qur’an: A Verse Translation

This poetic rendition of the holy text will appeal to nonbelievers, too.

By the Numbers: Numeracy, Religion, and the Quantitative Transformation of Early Modern England

Why ditching the tally sticks was such a bold step forward.

Zero at the Bone: Fifty Entries Against Despair

Meditations on faith, family, and life offer more hits than misses.

Between God and Hitler: Military Chaplains in Nazi Germany

Did men of the cloth have blood on their hands?

Christendom: The Triumph of a Religion, AD 300-1300

A bold reinterpretation of the faith’s nascent days.