My 2023 Reading Round-Up

Lots of listening, lots of enjoying.

Our 51 Favorite Books of 2021

Hundreds of thousands of books are published annually, so it’s absurd to proclaim a handful "the best." But these are the ones that most stuck with us during this, our second — and hopefully final — pandemic year.

25 Favorite Books of 2016

This year offered an embarrassment of reading riches. Here, in no particular order, are the titles that most stuck with us long after the final page was turned.

14 Underrated Comic-Book Characters

In honor of National Comic Book Day, here’s a rundown of pen-and-ink heroes who never got their due. This one’s for you, Sheldon!

7 of Our Favorite Banned Books

The Independent loves all banned books on principle alone. Still, in honor of Banned Books Week, here are seven that deserve special mention.

Baltimore Story Collections

Two authors give distinct voice to the people of one city — Baltimore.

Children’s Book Gift Guide

Are you looking for some great books to buy as gifts for the children in your life? Here are some wonderful newly published books that are sure to please.

Recommended Books for Tweens and Teens: November 2013

The following titles have been selected for this installment of Recommended Books for Tweens and Teens.