The Wages of Combat: No Exit

“The Wages of Combat: No Exit” is Tom Glenn’s survey of books by and about veterans. Americans write about the combat that changed them forever.

Mystery Loves Company - October 2013

Kathy Harig reviews a potpourri of recent mysteries and suspenseful tales.

12 Best Quotes from Tom Clancy Books

A look at some of the best quotes from 6 of the late author's popular books.

15 Popular Books from 30 Years Ago

Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson, Sally Ride, and Gandhi the movie. Here are 15 popular books from 1983.

Recommended Books for Tweens and Teens: September 2013

The following titles have been selected for this installment of Recommended Books for Tweens and Teens.

Overdue Books

Five classics I’ve never read, and what I’ve heard they’re about.

The Top 10 Historical Fiction Authors

Readers recently chose their favorite 10 historical fiction authors. Who are they, and what makes them stand out?

Four Words: September 2013

You want to find a book to read, but who has 30 seconds to peruse those back-of-the-cover blurbs? Not you! You need a synopsis now, this minute, preferably yesterday. Well, here you are: four-word descriptions of a few great titles. Go!