An Interview with Vincent Czyz

The novelist talks hero journeys, Hopi myth, and ayahuasca’s role in self-discovery.

An Interview with Judy Gruen

The humorist talks self-discovery, Judaism, and the material left on the cutting-room floor.

An Interview with Pamela Norsworthy

The debut novelist and daughter of a World War II POW talks about the importance of resilience on the page and in life.

An Interview with Judith Lindbergh

The novelist talks research, women warriors, and the vagaries of publishing.

An Interview with Anne L. Foster

The scholar talks addiction, drug policy, and why it’s never a good idea to declare war on a noun.

An Interview with Brad Taylor

The prolific novelist talks process, Putin, and why it’s vital to get the book done first.

An Interview with Jillian Danback-McGhan

The Navy veteran talks Admiral Farragut, military women, and the inherent eeriness of midwatch.

An Interview with Victoria Kelly

The writer talks resilience and the steadfastness of women on the home front.