An Interview with Donna Andrews

The writer/editor shares the origin story behind the new Magic Is Murder anthology.

An Interview with Tyler C. Gore

The essayist talks humor, New York City, and hauling ass to the police station.

An Interview with Martha Anne Toll

The debut novelist talks ballet, the Holocaust, and leaving JFK on the cutting-room floor.

An Interview with Frederic Tuten

The writer/artist talks Tintin, the House of Fiction, and the endless appeal of cats.

An Interview with James M. Scott

The writer talks WWII, the firebombing of Tokyo, and the usefulness of karaoke booths.

A Conversation with Sarah Stodola

The travel writer talks beaches, environmental stewardship, and the perfect piña colada.

An Interview with Marilyn Oser

The novelist talks Israel, Palestine, and fictionalizing the British Mandate.

Women Writing Women in Crime Fiction

A “Decisions & Revisions” special edition.