The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

The tawdry case that helped FDR win the White House.

Triumph Regained

By Mark Moyar

Triumph Regained

A controversial conflict is recounted in precise detail.

Putin’s Wars

By Mark Galeotti

Putin’s Wars

What fuels the Russian ruler’s thirst for conquest?

A Noble Ruin: Mark Antony, Civil War, and the Collapse of the Roman Republic

This vivid biography pulses with energy and erudition.

Who Owns This Sentence?: A History of Copyrights and Wrongs

An astute survey of ever-evolving proprietorship laws.

Personality and Power

Assessing a dozen leaders’ pivotal (or not-so-pivotal) impact on the world.

By the Numbers: Numeracy, Religion, and the Quantitative Transformation of Early Modern England

Why ditching the tally sticks was such a bold step forward.