The Cleopatras: The Forgotten Queens of Egypt

A riveting look at the women behind antiquity’s most recognizable name.

Shake It Up, Baby!: The Rise of Beatlemania and the Mayhem of 1963

Another not-necessarily-necessary addition to the Fab canon.

Cunning Folk: Life in the Era of Practical Magic

When spells — and the fear of them — reigned supreme.

American Breakdown

By Jennifer Lunden

American Breakdown

Seeking (but seldom finding) succor in U.S. healthcare.

Like the Appearance of Horses

A multigenerational family endures love, loss, and war in this evocative tale.

On Sex and Gender: A Commonsense Approach

Can we at least talk about what it means to be male or female?

Belly Woman: Birth, Blood & Ebola: The Untold Story

An unflinching look at a harrowing epidemic in Africa.