Book Review


By Claire McFall

A newly dead teen falls for the strange young man guiding her to the afterlife.

Book Review

The Heartbreak Bakery

By A.R. Capetta

An agender teen’s delicious Breakup Brownies accidentally work too well.

Book Review

Baby & Solo

By Lisabeth Posthuma

A likable, “almost Normal” teen finds camaraderie in a 1990s video store.

Book Review

All Our Hidden Gifts

By Caroline O’Donoghue

Did a mysterious tarot card prompt the disappearance of an Irish teen’s former friend?

Book Review

Amber & Clay

By Laura Amy Schlitz

The gods direct the action in this story-in-verse about two very different children thrown together in ancient Greece.

Book Review

The Scapegracers

By Hannah Abigail Clarke

This smart, feminist Halloween tale would make a great read any time of year.

Book Review

The Assignment

By Liza Wiemer

Would you emulate a Nazi if the teacher told you to? Would your friends?

Book Review

They Went Left

By Monica Hesse

This Holocaust story will have readers questioning their realities and counting their blessings.