The Night of the Storm: A Novel

It’s hard to pull off “a dark and stormy night,” but this debut nails it.

Deep Freeze: A Novel

By Michael C. Grumley

Deep Freeze: A Novel

This promising thriller ends up leaving readers cold.

The Weekend Retreat: A Novel

This engaging whodunit embraces familiar tropes to great effect.

The Vicar: A Novel of Espionage

An action-packed, implausibly over-the-top MI5 thriller.

The Hurricane Blonde: A Novel

Fame is a killer.

Distant Sons: A Novel

By Tim Johnston

Distant Sons: A Novel

This exceptional whodunit deserves a sequel (and may boast a prequel).

Happiness Falls: A Novel

This stellar, nuanced mystery transcends typical whodunit tropes.

Looking Glass Sound

By Catriona Ward

Looking Glass Sound

Killings and creepiness pervade a New England seaside town.