Book Review

Once There Were Wolves

By Charlotte McConaghy

This gripping whodunit is also a wise meditation on what it means to be human.

Book Review

Romance and suspense intertwine in this riveting thriller set on post-WWI Ellis Island.

Book Review

Nine Shiny Objects

By Brian Castleberry

This ambitious, multi-decade saga ultimately fails to connect all the dots.

Book Review

Dream Girl: A Novel

By Laura Lippman

This subversively witty tale starts off as a mystery in search of a crime.

Book Review

“Oh, so you think it’s easier being Black than being gay?”

Book Review

Falling: A Novel

By T.J. Newman

A white-knuckle read that should never, ever become an inflight movie.

Book Review

The Safety Net

By Andrea Camilleri; translated by Stephen Sartarelli

The 25th installment of this popular detective series is as brilliant and delicious as the first.

Book Review

The Jigsaw Man: A Novel

By Nadine Matheson

A London detective chases both a serial killer and racial equality in this riveting #OwnVoices thriller.