Who Owns This Sentence?: A History of Copyrights and Wrongs

An astute survey of ever-evolving proprietorship laws.

Personality and Power

Assessing a dozen leaders’ pivotal (or not-so-pivotal) impact on the world.

A Heart That Works

By Rob Delaney

A Heart That Works

Can’t imagine losing your child? Try.

42 Reasons to Hate the Universe: (And One Reason Not to)

By Chris Ferrie, Wade David Fairclough, and Byrne Laginestra

42 Reasons to Hate the Universe: (And One Reason Not to)

We’re all doomed, so why not laugh?

Our Hidden Conversations: What Americans Really Think About Race and Identity

An intelligent, moving look at what color means to us.

Decadent Women: Yellow Book Lives

Meet the ladies behind a cutting-edge (if little-remembered) magazine.

By the Numbers: Numeracy, Religion, and the Quantitative Transformation of Early Modern England

Why ditching the tally sticks was such a bold step forward.

The Convoy: HG-76: Taking the Fight to Hitler’s U-Boats

How a Liverpool-bound British flotilla outmaneuvered Nazi subs.