War by Other Means

By Daniel Akst

War by Other Means

A look at the fighters who refused to take up arms.

1932: FDR, Hoover, and the Dawn of a New America

A fresh, insightful look at a pivotal year in U.S. politics.

Sins of the Shovel: Looting, Murder & the Evolution of American Archaeology

An informative, uneven history of the digging-est science.

American Confidential: Uncovering the Bizarre Story of Lee Harvey Oswald and His Mother

Adding questionable conjecture to the saga of JFK’s assassin.

American Visions: The United States, 1800-1860

A broad, beneficent examination of the six decades before the Civil War.

Half American

By Matthew F. Delmont

Half American

Unheralded patriots finally get their due.

Rip Van Winkle’s Republic

Edited by Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg

Rip Van Winkle’s Republic

Appraising a 19th-century master through a 21st-century lens.