Gary Knight

Mr. Knight graduated from the Naval Academy, but a serious car accident terminated his nascent aviation career. Thereupon, he returned to the Washington area and took a position on Capitol Hill, while completing a graduate degree at night. He served twenty years as a lobbyist and government relations professional for three trade associations and for three Federal agencies, while helping to raise two daughters and serving three terms on his local city council, where he was elected vice mayor by his colleagues. He worked for eight years as a support contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy, converting technical reports, detailing new technologies to clean up our nuclear waste legacy into English for departmental policy makers. About 15 governmental reports and studies bear his name. He now tutors English and writing to aspiring high school students and is an adjunct professor at a community college, while he continues his book writing. He is a member of the Washington Independent Writers group. He published How to Treat a Woman, a non-profit book for professional men to advise them on how to successfully establish meaningful relationships with women of the modern era, wrote an historical novel (Forgotten Brothers) about the two brothers of who captained the Nina and the Pinta, and is writing a history book, Virginia’s Finest, about the ten best U.S. Senators from Virginia.


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Book Review

The Heart of Hell: The Untold Story of Courage and Sacrifice in the Shadow of Iwo Jima

The saga of a World War II naval battle told from the perspective of a landing-craft crew.

Book Review

Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I

Recalling a seminal battle — and the actions of a famed American general — during the Great War.

Book Review

By Sam Willis

In the Hour of Victory: The Royal Navy at War in the Age of Nelson

Dispatches from seven naval battles of the Napoleonic Era illuminate the years when Britannia ruled the seas.

Book Review

The personalities, politics, and strategies of the Revolutionary War’s first, pivotal battle.

Book Review

Tom Young

The Renegades

When an extremist group uses deadly force to hinder relief efforts following a devastating earthquake, two American soldiers take action.

Book Review

John C. McManus

September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far

A noted military historian turns his eye to World War II’s Operation Market Garden, focusing on the American point of view of the operation.

Book Review

Steven M. Gillon

Pearl Harbor: FDR Leads the Nation to War

A historian describes activities inside the White House on the “day of infamy” that caught the United States off guard.

Book Review

Stella Tillyard

Tides of War

A novel of military duty, marital separation and the march of mechanization in Regency England, against a backdrop of the Napoleonic wars.