Book Review

American Baby

By Gabrielle Glaser

A woman is forced to relinquish her newborn in this eye-opening look at the dark side of an allegedly benevolent industry.


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    Book Review


    By Nadia Owusu

    Mapping and mining the topography of grief.

    Book Review

    The Latinist: A Novel

    By Mark Prins

    This cerebral thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat — and make you want to pull out that old copy of Wheelock’s Latin.

    Book Review

    Yellow Wife

    By Sadeqa Johnson

    A sobering, graphically violent story of a light-skinned slave struggling to survive in the 19th-century South.

    Book Review


    By Gretel Ehrlich

    A nuanced meditation on the sacred spaces disappearing before our eyes.

    Book Review

    One man’s admirable, futile quest to democratize his homeland.

    Beyond The Book

    Enjoy this Grateful American™ reading recommendation!

    Book Review

    Yonder: A Novel

    By Jabari Asim

    The Thieves may control the plantation, but the Stolen control their own destiny.

    Book Review

    A short but powerful addition to the Holocaust canon.

    Book Review

    Manifesto: On Never Giving Up

    By Bernardine Evaristo

    The Booker Prize-winning author owes it all to tenacity. And talent.