The Independent’s Most Popular March Posts

A recap of the most popular of our 50 March posts.

The Independent’s Most Popular March Posts

by Josh Trapani

March saw The Independent transition to its new website. The change was not without challenges, but we believe the new site not only looks better, but is easier to use. We also posted 31 book reviews and 19 features in March. How many of these 50 posts did you read? Here are the five March posts most popular with our readers:

1) For Passover, Fresh New Takes On “People of the Book”: Clearly a lot of people out there were looking to spice up their Passover seders with more than just horseradish. Martha Toll’s piece provided some alternatives to the standard Haggadah.

2) Interview with Leslie Maitland: Annette Gendler speaks with the author of Crossing the Borders of Time.

3) Interview with William McPherson: Michael Causey discusses books and writing with the D.C. literary icon.

4) What Is Memoir? Annette Gendler makes the list again with this elucidation of the popular genre, and draws the distinction between memoir and autobiography.

5) Review of Staten Island Noir edited by Patricia Smith: David O. Stewart goes back to his roots in reviewing this short story collection.


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