5 Most Popular Posts: September 2017

  • October 5, 2017

We here at the Independent love every piece we run. There are no winners or losers. But all kidding aside, here are September’s winners.

5 Most Popular Posts: September 2017

  1. Joel Looper’s review of Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution that Made Our Modern Religious World by Philip Jenkins. “That story is mind-bendingly complex. It begins in the years after Israel has returned from exile in Babylon and rebuilt the temple, stories readers may know from the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah. But for non-specialists, that familiarity will be short-lived. Jenkins quickly plunges into nearly forgotten histories where, after the break-up of the empire of Alexander the Great, Judea is squeezed between the powerful Ptolemaic (Egyptian) and Seleucid (Syrian-based) empires.”

  2. “Adoption Porn.” Columnist Alice Stephens knows a shallow, overused narrative when she sees it, and readers appreciated her impassioned takedown of the tired trope.

  3. “Film? Study.” E.A. Aymar turned the reins of his monthly column over to authors Radha Vatsal, Scott Adlerberg, and Dr. Marguerite Rippy to get their thoughts on why certain older, noirish flicks still resonate today. It drew heavy traffic, leading us to wonder whether we should be reviewing movies instead…

  4. C.B. Santore’s review of pH: A Novel by Nancy Lord. “If you’re an Alaska enthusiast, you’ll want to read this book. If you purposely avoid novels that speak to political issues, I understand, but I urge you to make an exception for this one. The critical role that the pteropod plays in the ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest makes it an important subject. The ethereal beauty of this undersea ‘butterfly’ or ‘angel,’ with its translucent shell and gauzy ‘wings,’ makes it compelling.”

  5. An interview with Lynn Kanter, author of Her Own Vietnam. Martha Anne Toll conducted a thoughtful Q&A with Kanter, one that touched on everything from women warriors’ emotional scars to the rise of feminist presses.

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