Book Review

Happy Dreams: A Novel

By Jia Pingwa; translated by Nicky Harman

A naive idealist hopes to make it in big-city China.


A peek at what's on tap in the Independent this week.

    Book Review

    Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine

    By Anne Applebaum

    Recalling the Soviet dictator’s intentional starvation of the masses.


    A recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

    Book Review

    The Last Ballad: A Novel

    By Wiley Cash

    Whites and blacks risk their lives to unionize Southern textile mills in 1929.

    Book Review

    A WWII survivor comes to terms with her past when witnessing the struggles of her gay grandson in contemporary America.

    Book Review

    Overload: Finding the Truth in Today’s Deluge of News

    By Bob Schieffer with H. Andrew Schwartz

    The veteran journalist offers a handbook for informed citizens and considers how we can all do better next time.

    Poetry Review

    A monthly feature that looks at books of and about poetry.

    Book Review

    The sequins and tassels were about much more than fashion.

    Author Q&A

    The international-relations expert talks whistleblowers, the CIA, and the danger of putting too many military men in charge.

    Book Review

    The cathartic laugh/cry we all need, even if it’s painful.