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      A quick recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

        Beyond The Book

        An Arlington, VA-based publisher with a soft spot for translations.

        Book Review

        A History of Loneliness

        By John Boyne

        A fictionalized exploration of a real-life church scandal, told through the eyes of an Irish priest.

        Book Review

        The Glittering World

        By Robert Levy

        Hauntingly inventive, this debut page-turner of a novel is as creative as it is creepy.

        Book Review

        An insider's chronicle of scribes' ever-changing world.


        Meet one of the renowned participants in Books Alive! 2015

        Book Review

        We Are Pirates

        By Daniel Handler

        This darkly comic, modern-day tale focuses more on suburban strife than the seven seas.

        Author Q&A

        The Lodger is Louisa Treger’s fictionalized account of Dorothy Miller Richardson’s early life and love affairs: from her involvement on the fringes of women’s suffrage to her coming of age as a writer in England. Here, Treger discusses feminism, fidelity, and the complexity of relationships.

        Book Review

        The master of lowdown-DC crime looks farther afield in this new collection.