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All I Have in This World

Michael Parker

Lives intersect on a used car lot.

Beyond The Book

It’s back-to-school time! As teens across the country head to English class, they’ll surely be assigned a reading list. Here are five books that should be on it, but probably aren’t.

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    A Great and Glorious Adventure: A History of...

    Gordon Corrigan

    A partisan of the English side in the Hundred Years War details the history and significance of its battles.

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    The Stager

    Susan Coll

    How do you sell a home that no one wants? Susan Coll’s latest novel, The Stager, is a comedy set in the Washington, DC, suburbs that focuses on a family victim to a stale real estate market.

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    Can you really hate the artist but love the work?

    Book Review

    The notoriously reclusive author Harper Lee opens up to a visiting journalist and begins a 14 year friendship.

    Author Q&A

    In case being Steve Jobs' long-lost sister or the inspiration for a character on “The Simpsons” isn't interesting enough for you, Mona Simpson is also a very good writer.

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    Marc Levy

    After traveling back in time, Andrew Stilman has two months to figure out who murders him and avoid dying a second time.

    Beyond The Book

    Have a reluctant middle-grade reader in your life? One of these unique titles just might bring him (or her) around.

    Beyond The Book

    In honor of the literary game the late Christopher Hitchens used to play with his friend Salman Rushdie, “Titles That Didn’t Quite Make It,” here are some well-known book names that seem, um, less compelling with just one synonym swapped out.

    Book Review

    The Miniaturist

    Jessie Burton

    A young bride struggles to make sense of her new life in 17th-century Amsterdam in this evocative, atmospheric novel.