Book Review

Purity: A Novel

By Jonathan Franzen

This multi-layered, much-anticipated novel will make believers out of Franzen skeptics.

Book Review

Fates and Furies

By Lauren Groff

An inventive tale of one marriage told from two very different perspectives.


We here at the Independent love every piece we run. There are no winners or losers. Having said that, here are August's winners.

    Beyond The Book

    How much do we loathe these fictitious figures? Let us count the ways...

    Book Review

    How a visionary scientist changed — for better or worse — the modern world.

    Book Review

    Secondhand Souls

    By Christopher Moore

    The author dishes up another helping of slapstick supernatural craziness.


    Mark your calendar for this only-in-the-District happening!

    Book Review

    A Master Plan for Rescue

    By Janis Cooke Newman

    A dazzling portrait of a world — and hearts — on the brink.

    Book Review

    A former leader of the U.S. electric industry proposes powering the homes of more than 1 billion people with solar.

    Book Review

    The Murderer’s Daughter

    By Jonathan Kellerman

    This taut new thriller features a memorable, series-worthy heroine.

    Book Review

    An occasional series in which authors speak for themselves