A quick recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

    Author Q&A

    The creator of fictional gumshoe Bernie Gunther talks about his latest novel, ad agencies, and how to write a book at the office.

      Book Review

      The Woman Who Read Too Much: A Novel

      By Bahiyyih Nakhjavani

      Set in the 19th-century world of monarchs, this book chronicles the haunting, rebellious lives of Qajar women.

      Beyond The Book

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      Book Review

      A God in Ruins

      By Kate Atkinson

      The author explores the ravages of war and its aftermath as she follows the Todd family into the 21st century.


      Out of Focus

      By Joye Shepperd

      What happened to the human attention span?

      Book Review

      The Dynamite Room

      By Jason Hewitt

      Imagine how WWII might have looked to an English girl who has lost her brother to the fighting. Imagine further how she would feel if the enemy then came into her home.

      Book Review

      Church of Marvels

      By Leslie Parry

      Quirky, colorful characters inhabit this delightful novel set in late-19th-century New York City.

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      Poetry Review

      A monthly feature that looks at books of and about poetry.

      Author Q&A

      The author’s latest novel is told in three voices, including that of a rogue elephant.