A peek at what's coming up in the Independent this week.


    A quick recap of the books we’ve spotlighted in the past few days.

      Book Review

      Under the Influence

      By Joyce Maynard

      An enjoyable, if somewhat implausible, beach read about bad friends and tough choices

      Book Review

      An occasional series in which writers speak for themselves

      Book Review

      And So Is the Bus: Jerusalem Stories

      By Yossel Birstein; translated by Margaret Birstein, Hana Inbar, and Robert Manaster

      Spare tales of fascinating, fleeting encounters.

      Book Review

      The Cabaret of Plants

      By Richard Mabey

      A fascinating, compulsively readable look at the lives — both outer and inner — of the flora all around us.

      Book Review

      Sweetgirl: A Novel

      By Travis Mulhauser

      A flawed but captivating tale of bravery and loss set in a fictional Michigan town.

      Beyond The Book

      We like big books and we cannot lie!

      Book Review

      A unique, sometimes tedious retelling of ancient tales

      Book Review

      In Another Life: A Novel

      By Julie Christine Johnson

      A tale of redemption, love, and time-travel in the South of France