Book Review

Shards (The Prospero Chronicles)

By FJR Titchenell and Matt Carter

Characterization is the winner in the second book of this humans vs. horrors series.

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    Book Review

    The Truth about My Success

    By Dyan Sheldon

    This "fun, frothy" story of rich-kid, poor-kid lookalikes makes for a terrific teen beach read.

    Beyond The Book

    Pulling back the curtain on DC-based Barrelhouse Books

    Book Review

    Imprecise language and a lack of Russian expertise mar this biography of the dictator's only girl.

    Book Review

    Raw, relatable characters make this collection of tales a winner.

    Author Q&A

    An Interview with Michelle Brafman

    By Melissa Scholes Young

    The author's debut novel examines the intersection of religion and three generations of mother-daughter relationships.

    Book Review

    The Meursault Investigation

    By Kamel Daoud; translated by John Cullen

    This provocative re-imagining of Camus' The Stranger gives the murdered Arab a voice — and a name.