Book Review

Eternal Life: A Novel

By Dara Horn

In this gripping tale of how the human psyche is shaped by mortality, a woman grapples with the fact that she can never die.

Book Review

Affections: A Novel

By Rodrigo Hasbún; translated by Sophie Hughes

A German family’s life unravels following a post-WWII move to Bolivia

Author Q&A

The author talks relationships, dark humor, and standard deviations.

    Book Review

    The Immortalists: A Novel

    By Chloe Benjamin

    Does knowing the date of your death make a difference in how you live?

    Book Review

    One Station Away: A Novel

    By Olaf Olafsson

    A page-turner whose elusiveness leaves us longing for more.

    Book Review

    The War Within

    By Alexis Peri

    Previously suppressed journals tell of the horror endured by Russian civilians in WWII.

    Book Review

    A detail-rich chronicle of the Continent’s most formidable — if often unsung — monarchs.

    Book Review

    This wartime tale is more a snooze than a page-turner.


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    Book Review

    Fools and Mortals: A Novel

    By Bernard Cornwell

    This fictional take on Shakespeare and his brother could have used more excitement.

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