Book Review

There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century

By Fiona Hill

The foreign-policy expert sees parallels between her lower-class roots and the hurdles facing today’s workers.

    Book Review

    Crossroads: A Novel

    By Jonathan Franzen

    A 1970s Chicago family weathers change — personal, social, and spiritual — amid larger cultural upheaval.

    Book Review

    Silverview: A Novel

    By John le Carré

    The late spymaster’s world is still cold.


    The novelist talks Hell’s Belles, the essence of romance, and giving her heroines agency.

    Book Review

    The Mother Next Door: A Novel

    By Tara Laskowski

    This fun, twisty thriller is just right for Halloween.


    These titles deserve a coveted spot atop your TBR pile!

    Book Review

    Shelter in Place

    By David Leavitt

    Unable to stomach the newly elected President Trump, a wealthy Manhattanite seeks succor in Venice.

    Book Review

    The Enduring Civil War

    By Gary W. Gallagher

    This timely collection reminds us that, in many ways, the War Between the States is still being fought.

    Book Review

    A lighthearted, fictional dash through Tinsel Town’s Golden Age.

    Beyond The Book

    Enjoy this Grateful American™ reading recommendation!

    Book Review

    A compelling account of what the Founding Father felt learning should look like.