Book Review

The House of Wolfe: A Border Noir

By James Carlos Blake

This noir thriller kicks into high gear after a slow start.

Book Review

The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power

By Steve Fraser

A cutting study of how American workers lost the will to battle for their well-being.


Meet one of the renowned participants in Books Alive! 2015

Book Review

X: A Novel

By Ilyasah Shabazz and Kekla Magoon

Famed civil-rights activist Malcolm X comes vividly to life in this rich, immersive tale.

Poetry Review

A monthly feature that looks at books of and about poetry.

Book Blog

Tom and Sally

By Y.S. Fing

An education in accuracy

Book Review

The Lost Child

By Caryl Phillips

Explore the plight of the outsider in this novel, which re-imagines Wuthering Heights and links it to a modern story of exile and difference.

Author Q&A

Meet the mother-and-son team behind the pseudonymous author of the Ian Rutledge mystery series.

Book Review

The Discreet Hero

By Mario Vargas Llosa; translated by Edith Grossman

A novel packed with energy and tumult finds room for keen descriptions of life’s small pleasures.

Book Blog

Why stories should always be in your suitcase.

Book Review

Angels at the Gate

By T.K. Thorne

This fantastic novel about Lot’s pillar-of-salt wife is much more than a simple retelling of the biblical tale.