Amanda Holmes Duffy

Amanda Holmes Duffy has taught writing at Emerson College, Lenguas Vivas in Buenos Aires, American University of Rome, Bethesda Writers Center and Northern Virginia Community College. Her fiction under the name Amanda Holmes, has appeared in Ploughshares, Rattapallax, Moxie, Sunday Express, The Christian Science Monitor and on the Ether Books app for download to iPhone. She has also worked as an editor for Goings on About Town at The New Yorker – and compiled two books, The Jane Austen Sampler and The Henry James Sampler for Kensington.  She and her husband have lived in Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium and Italy. Learn more at

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Book Review

A canny, curmudgeonly assortment of essays from a prize-winning Brit.

Book Review

Broken River: A Novel

By J. Robert Lennon

This haunted-house story gets too caught up in a misguided critique of the publishing industry.

Book Review

Still Here: A Novel

By Lara Vapnyar

A poignant story of immigration and technology.

Book Review

The Turner House

By Angela Flournoy

Family ties — and the misunderstandings that threaten to sever them — lie at the heart of this wonderful novel.

Book Review

Flying Shoes

Lisa Howorth

Characters enrich this tale of a reopened murder inspired by real events in the author’s life.

Book Review

In the author's second novel, a deadbeat dad kidnaps his two daughters from foster care following the death of their mother.

Book Review


Jo Baker

The Bennets take a backseat to their servants in this homage to Pride and Prejudice.

Book Review


Andrea Barrett

The triumph of discovery and the sense of loss that scientific progress can bring are explored in this new collection of short stories.

Book Review

The First Rule of Swimming

Courtney Angela Brkic

The yearning for and promise of refuge are symbolized by a fictional Croatian island in this novel about two devoted sisters, survivors who learn that the first rule of swimming is to stay afloat.

Book Review

The Hope Factory

Lavanya Sankaran

This Indian “Upstairs Downstairs” parallels the lives of a Bangalore manufacturer and his maid as industrialism undermines tradition and family expectations.

Book Review

The Woman Upstairs

Claire Messud

In yet another tour de force novel, the award-winning author poses questions about life, love and the meaning of art.

Book Review

Loss, love and the line between truth and fiction are at the center of the author’s latest novel.

Book Review

In the magical world of the Alaskan wilderness, is the captivating girl who frolics in the landscape real or imaginary?

Book Review

Dear Life: Stories

Alice Munro

The nature of romantic impulse and the disorienting shifts in the direction of desire provides the focus of this extraordinary collection of stories by the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Book Review

The Death of Bees: A Novel

Lisa O’Donnell

The secret of two bodies buried in the garden lingers over the lives of two sisters in Glasgow and the elderly gay neighbor who befriends them.

Book Review


Lydia Millet

In this concluding work of a trilogy, the author presents a biting commentary on extinction and our stewardship of the natural world.

Book Review

You Are the Love of My Life

Susan Richards Shreve

Set in an upscale 1970s suburb of Washington, DC, this novel explores the clashes between secrets, deception and the human need for intimacy.

Book Review

Requiem: A Novel

Frances Itani

A moving novel spotlighting the silent dignity of Japanese-Canadians interned during World War II.

Book Review

Brand New Human Being: A Novel

Emily Jeanne Miller

A stay-at-home dad deals with parenthood, a crumbling marriage and his father’s recent death.

Book Review

Think "Mad Men" in the Arabian Desert, as an Oklahoma-bred woman accompanies her husband to an oil-company job in the 1960s.

Book Review

Mudwoman: A Novel

Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates dissects the layers of a troubled woman’s self, revealing both her tender heart and the raw, sometimes ugly truth of her being.

Book Review

Ghost Lights

Lydia Millet

In the second book of a trilogy, a man wanders the Belize jungle in search of a missing acquaintance, only to confront his own psyche.

Book Review

The Betrayal: A Novel

Helen Dunmore

In treating the son of a high ranking officer of Stalin’s secret police, a pediatrician and his family find their lives dangerously tied to the child’s in Dunmore’s sequel to The Siege.

Book Review

The Taste of Salt

Martha Southgate

The marine biologist who narrates this novel plumbs the scientific depths of painful family experience.

Book Review


Bonnie Nadzam

In this stunning and evocative novel, a chance encounter finds two characters reaching out in desperation to change who they are amid the vastness of the Midwest.

Book Review


Christina Shea

A lyrical and absorbing novel of a young girl’s assumed identity, and its psychological effects, in Communist Romania.

Book Review

The Art of Forgetting

Camille Noe Pagan

This skillful debut novel explores the course of friendship after a traumatic brain injury changes things.

Book Review

Remembrance, life lessons and conversations with friends, all from a book a day.

Book Review

A cast of unusual characters populates this debut novel by a prize-winning short story writer.