Wayland Stallard

Wayland Stallard was born again in 1966 at the age of 23 somewhere in and around Washington, DC, in the likeness of a fortunate flatlander, where after he imagined three careers: patent examiner, gardener, and storyteller. He imagined stories that made their way into Virginia Country, the Northern Virginia Review, and the Minnesota Review, and won some mentions in fancy contests.

From Silver Spring, Maryland, his memories now drift south and west and higher up to Blue Ruby, Virginia, that place he was born the first time as a front-porch storyteller. He is now reimagining stories of lives that turned out less fortunate than his has.

He has published Good at Dying, a novel, and Buck Fields—At home... and abroad, a novella.

He has also published these short stories, all set, for the most part, in his fictional birthplace:

·         The Right-sized Spoon: Without ice cream, life and fame have no meaning
·         A Long Half-Length of Rope...: A Short Story (So Far)
·         O P T I C
·         The Blue Ruby Pawpaw Fry
·         Over in Hogs: Doubling up on doing nothing
·         Peg: Three-legged Pig

His real-life sons, Morgan and Carter, have provided Wayland with flatlander grandchildren Sawyer, Beckett, Maya, and KC — all more beautiful than he could have imagined.

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