See Your Byline in Bloom!

The online literary journal seeks later-blossoming writers.

See Your Byline in Bloom!

Dedicated to authors whose first major work was published at 40 or older, Bloom seeks to challenge narrow or uniform ideas about what constitutes literary success or authenticity. We have interviewed authors such as André Aciman, Min Jin Lee, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and Tessa Hadley; published essays on “late blooming” writers like Penelope Fitzgerald, P.D. James, and Edward P. Jones; featured excerpts from Bloomers’ recently released work; posted creative nonfiction on writing later in life; and more.

Bloom is for readers of all ages and stages, and for anyone who believes that the artistic journey is, and should be, as particular and unique as each one of us — that there is no prescribed beeline to literary achievement.

In that spirit, and because we firmly believe it’s never too late to try something new, Bloom is launching a creative-writing feature for which we’re eagerly seeking fiction or poetry submissions of up to 2,500 words from writers 40 or over.

Please see our submission guidelines for more information, and may we all bloom in good time!

Along with being an editor at Bloom, Alice Stephens is author of the novel Famous Adopted People, a book reviewer, and a columnist for the Independent.

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