Daniel Baer in Conversation with Lissa Muscatine

  • September 18, 2023

The author of The Four Tests comes to DC on Thurs., Sept. 21st, at 7 p.m.!

Daniel Baer in Conversation with Lissa Muscatine

With today's fraught global and political climate, American hegemony is over and the assumption that America maintains its status as a superpower is no longer a given. The divisions between us, economic changes driven by globalization and technology, climate change, pandemics, and the resurgence of authoritarianism, make it difficult to be optimistic about America's future. But what if we use this moment as an opportunity to think about what might come next, and how to build what we need to succeed in the next era?

Here, former U.S. ambassador Daniel Baer argues that we are living through a transition moment and lays out the four tests we must face in the next 10 years that will determine whether we succeed over the next 50. These are: scale, investment, fairness, and identity. The first two tests are familiar to strategists, but we must think about the impact of scale differently when our country's population and economy are shrinking in relative terms rather than growing. And while investment is essential to productivity growth and economic competitiveness, investment in human beings themselves matters more than it ever has...

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