39 Romance Novels the DC Lit Scene Needs Right Now

Is that a hanging chad in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

39 Romance Novels the DC Lit Scene Needs Right Now

Let’s face it, DC area, it’s time to spice up our image. When people think about the Washington region, they usually think about government, history, and museums. But how much do they really know about our current contribution to America’s Gross Domestic Hotness (GDH)?

Swinging senators and Mayflower Madams are not just a thing of the past. Romance novels are bestsellers, so what better way to arouse national interest in the DC-area literary scene and all the stimulation the region has to offer?

Our steamy summers would be even hotter with:

  1. The Willing Washingtonian
  2. Divorcees of the DMV
  3. SafeTrack, Dangerous Appetites
  4. Capitol Heights of Passion
  5. The Belle of the Mall
  6. Cherry Blossom Dawn of Love
  7. Safe Word: Budget Autonomy
  8. Taxation without Satisfaction
  9. Home Rule of the Heart
  10. K Street Casanova
  11. Dupont Dominatrix
  12. Mt. Pleasant Pleasantries
  13. Confessions of a Metro Escalator Left-Stander
  14. From Here to Eternity: in Line for the Renwick
  15. Library of Congress Liaisons
  16. NORML Norman and the Contact Highs: A Rock 'n' Roll Romance
  17. The Bad Boys of Brookland
  18. My Inner Loop
  19. The DC Commission on Arts and Hotness
  20. Politics & Prose, Leather & Lace
  21. Kramerbooks & Cuddles Afterwords
  22. Upshur Street Books: Between the Stacks
  23. Chambers with Walls of Books
  24. Idle Times, Wanton Nights
  25. Second Story for the Wife
  26. lowercase love
  27. Barrelhouse of Desire
  28. My Night with a Gargoyle (Magazine) (publisher: Paycock Press‘nuf said)
  29. Flowers in the Atticus Review
  30. Unbuckle my Beltway Poetry Quarterly
  31. Come Inside my District Lines
  32. DC Binders (of Wild Women)
  33. Busboys and Busboys and Busboys and Busboys…
  34. Midnight at the Writer’s Center
  35. Hurston So Wright
  36. Sordid Story District (formerly known as Speakeasy)
  37. Fall for the Book (see, Fairfax already knows what’s what)
  38. The Gaithersburg Book Festival: In-Tents Delight (okay, that one needs a little work)
  39. National Book Festival (ugh, let me see…)

Anyway, my point is, we need to get some publishers on this, pronto! I’ll be looking for reviews of all these books and more in future posts at The Washington Incandescent Review of Books.

Tara Campbell is the grateful recipient of the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities' 2016 Larry Neal Writers' Award in Adult Fiction — which doesn't mean boom-chicka-wa-wa fiction, but rather that she didn't apply in the teen category. Her publication credits include McSweeney's, the Establishment, Barrelhouse, Masters Review, Punchnel's, and Queen Mob's Teahouse, among others. She's looking forward to starting her MFA in creative writing at American University this fall.

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