We Need Your Support More than Ever

The literary world is shrinking. Help us push back.

We Need Your Support More than Ever

First, the Washington Post’s Outlook section folded — followed last week by the announcement that its Sunday magazine ends on Christmas Day — and now we’ve gotten the unhappy news that Bookforum is shuttering. It feels as though every day we’re losing another respected venue for great book discussions.

You may wonder, “Where is a book lover to turn?” But then you glance our way and remember, “Of course. You’ve been there all along.”

The Washington Independent Review of Books has been bringing you reviews, author interviews, features, podcasts, and other literary delights seven days a week for the past 11-plus years (which practically makes us the Methuselah of book-focused nonprofits).

But we operate on a shoestring and absolutely need you, our beloved readers, to support us now and into the future. Please consider making a donation — or even better, a recurring one — so that we can continue doing the important work we do in a world that seems to value it less and less.

We’ve been your stalwart partner in books for more than a decade; with your help, we’ll be here for many years to come!

Jennifer Bort Yacovissi is president of the Independent.

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