The Independent’s Top 5 September Posts

A look at the posts that got the most viewers last month.

The Independent’s Top 5 September Posts

Welcome to October. The federal government may be shut down, but not us here at the Independent. We posted reviews of 28 books in September, as well as 22 other book related features. 50 posts in 30 days! We also introduced three new bloggers—Alice Stephens, Darrell Delamaide, and Larry DeMaria—and a variety of fun new features from our Beyond the Book editor, Holly Smith. The Smithsonian may be closed, federal agency websites down, and good luck getting your new passport ... but we will keep going strong through October. Check out the September posts that got the most readership:

1) Top 10 Historical Fiction Authors: This list by M.K. Tod, based on a reader survey, generated a huge response across the web and in the comments. What do you think of the list?

2) Overdue Books: Holly Smith provides pithy summaries of five classics she’s never read. (Given reader interest, we’ll be looking for ways to review more books none of us have ever read. This makes our jobs much easier, so thanks!)

3) Author’s Chat - Amal Ghandour and Hanan al Shaykh: Amal Ghandour has a conversation with Hanan al Shaykh on her recent publication of One Thousand and One Nights.

4) Review of We: A Novel by Michael Landweber: Tom Young looks at this novel about going back to the past for a second chance.

5) Interview with Ben Miller: Tyler C. Gore interviews the author of the memoir River Bend Chronicle: The Junkification of a Boyhood Idyll Amid the Curious Glory of Urban Iowa.

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