Q&A about Love with Arielle Ford

  • February 6, 2012

A Q&A with the author of the author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

“International bestselling author and relationship expert Arielle Ford applies the wisdom of Wabi Sabi – the ancient Japanese idea of illuminating the beauty in imperfection – to love relationships. Wabi Sabi Love is the practice of exploring embracing, and cherishing the quirks, irritations, and limitations that make you and your partner unique and that form your shared history as a couple.”  Ford also is the author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction.

February Q&A About Love…

Look what we owe to Shakespeare… If music be the fruit of love, play _______________________? (what would you most like to hear)

Sting’s Sacred Love and make my day.

What is the greatest love prose you’ve ever read? Who wrote it? Please quote a few lines?

I will love you in the park, and I will love you in the dark.

I will love you through good or bad,

When you’re happy and when you’re sad.

I will love you when you’re rich or when you’re poor and in a ditch

And I will have and I will hold,

Ten years from now a thousand fold.

And now we’re here at this new start,

So I’ll start by loving you with my whole heart.

–Dr. Seuss

(adapted by my niece, Sarah Ford for her wedding ceremony, Dallas, TX Oct 2011)

Is your imagination of love – your ability to write about it – greater than your experience?

Not even close … my experience of love exceeds my imagination a million times over. Love is a down-filled hammock gently rocking me and my beloved into a cocoon of bliss.

Have you ever fallen for a character? Who? How does he or she compare to the real love of your life?

This hasn’t happened yet … (although a few cats have captured my heart!)

What are the words that you can’t imagine ever being associated with love?

Nuclear holocaust, insanity, hot sauce, hate mongers.

With a nod to Yeats – If “love comes in at the eye,

… and goes out through a sigh, a whisper, a yearning, a reaching to touch the one I love so much!”

Does love have its own language?

Yes, a language of fire and passion, kindness and compassion, of perhaps most importantly of dreams and whimsy.

I want this book: Politics & Prose OR

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