Meet Nicole Hackett and Christy Gibson

  • May 6, 2023

The authors of The Perfect Ones and The Modern Trauma Toolkit, respectively, come to DC on Wed., May 10th, at 7 p.m.!

Meet Nicole Hackett and Christy Gibson

About The Perfect Ones: Two days after arriving in Iceland for a promotional trip, Instagram influencer Alabama Wood goes missing. With no leads, the Icelandic police start their investigation by focusing on the two influencers seemingly closest to Alabama on the trip: Celeste Reed, Alabama’s best friend of 10 years, and Hollie Goodwin, a fitness guru and Alabama’s unwitting idol.

Celeste and Alabama have grown apart recently because Celeste has been too distracted by her 5-year-old’s behavioral issues and her husband’s refusal to admit that there’s a problem. What Celeste doesn’t tell them is how she has been coping with these worries and how it involves Alabama in ways no one would guess. As secrets are revealed and loyalties tested, debut author Nicole Hackett asks: Do we control our online image, or does it control us?

Nicole Hackett lives near Baltimore with her husband and two children. She works as a biochemical patent agent for a law firm based in Washington, DC.

Christy Gibson is a physician and change-agent, a TEDx and international speaker, a trauma clinician, and the author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit. She is a thought-leader and a vocal advocate for policies that enhance equity. She has created a residency program in health equity and formed the Global Familymed Foundation and Safer Spaces Training, a start-up that helps organizations become trauma-informed. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hosted by Politics and Prose at Union Market, 1270 5th St., NE, Washington, DC. Learn more here.

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