David Wright Faladé in Conversation with Audrey Petty

  • March 20, 2022

The author of Black Cloud Rising speaks virtually on Wed., Mar. 23rd, at 8 p.m. (EDT)!

David Wright Faladé in Conversation with Audrey Petty

Loyalty Bookstores and Harvard Book Store are excited to welcome David Wright Faladé and Audrey Petty for Black Cloud Rising! This event will be held digitally via Loyalty's Crowdcast. Click here to register for the event with a donation of any amount of your choice. You can also order the book from Harvard Book Store to be added to the event's registration list. Donations will go to BLM DC. You can also snag the book during the event.


Already excerpted in the New YorkerBlack Cloud Rising is a compelling and important historical novel that takes us back to an extraordinary moment when enslaved men and women were shedding their bonds and embracing freedom

By fall of 1863, Union forces had taken control of Tidewater Virginia, and established a toehold in eastern North Carolina, including along the Outer Banks. Thousands of freed slaves and runaways flooded the Union lines, but Confederate irregulars still roamed the region. In December, the newly formed African Brigade, a unit of these former slaves led by General Edward Augustus Wild--a one-armed, impassioned Abolitionist--set out from Portsmouth to hunt down the rebel guerillas and extinguish the threat.

With powerful depictions of the bonds formed between fighting men and heartrending scenes of sacrifice and courage, Black Cloud Rising offers a compelling and nuanced portrait of enslaved men and women crossing the threshold to freedom.

[Editor's note: Click here to read the Independent's recent review of Black Cloud Rising.]

Hosted by Loyalty Bookstores in Washington, DC. Click here for info.

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