9 Picture-Perfect Picture Books

  • December 15, 2016

Gift-worthy titles for budding bookworms.

9 Picture-Perfect Picture Books

By Ingela P. Arrhenius
Recommended for ages 3-7
Oversized and overflowing with big, bold illustrations and simply labeled pages (“boar,” “grasshopper,” “toucan,” etc.), this is one to sit back and admire with your child. Gorgeous.

Under Water/Under Earth
By Aleksandra Mizielińska and Daniel Mizieliński
Recommended for ages 7-9
Originally published in Poland, this extra-large, fact-filled book isn’t meant to be read all at once. Instead, start on one side (earth), or flip it over to dive into “water.” On each page, you’ll learn about something, from sinkholes to subways, tectonic plates to the Titanic.

Imagine a City
By Elise Hurst
Recommended for ages 3-7
Fish fly, rabbits read, and humans walk among lions in this brilliant story packed with limitless adventure (and wonderful monochromatic illustrations) for little ones. “The world is your teacher,” reads one line. An essential lesson for kids everywhere.

Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes!
Written by Timothy Knapman; illustrated by Nikki Dyson
Recommended for ages 3-7
Mommy makes Mo take a bath, drink his milk, and even go to bed. But dinosaurs don’t do those things, insists the red-headed boy who imagines himself a scaly monster. Still, don’t they need goodnight cuddles? Well, maybe…

Alphonse, That Is Not OK to Do!
By Daisy Hirst
Recommended for ages 2-5
“Once there was Natalie,” an adorable red monster who loves to name pigeons and draw pictures. But when Alphonse comes along, that’s okay. How much damage can a little blue brother do, anyway? Then he starts scribbling on her best artwork…

Du Iz Tak?
By Carson Ellis
Recommended for ages 4-8
A world of tiny bugs underneath the big, wide sky comes to life with gorgeously expressive drawings and a nonsensical (but charming) language. Who cares if baby bookworms can’t read yet? They’ll still get it.

The Tudors: Kings, Queens, Scribes, and Ferrets!
By Marcia Williams
Recommended for ages 8-12
A graphic-novel-style chronicle of the lords and ladies — including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh, and others — who populated England’s most regal era. The fact-sharing ferret who pops up throughout is a bonus.

An Artist’s Alphabet
By Norman Messenger
Recommended for ages 4+
The ABCs rendered in museum-quality form. From a harlequin-horse-acrobat letter “A” to a rolled-parchment-and-fountain-pen “I,” each page is an exquisite escape.

A Child of Books
Written by Oliver Jeffers; illustrated by Sam Winston
Recommended for ages 4+
“I am a child of books. I come from a world of stories, and upon my imagination I float.” Illustrations at once spare and rich turn this simple tale of the magic of words into something extraordinary.

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