5 Most Popular Posts: April 2020

  • May 5, 2020

We here at the Independent love every piece we run. There are no winners or losers. Seriously, though, here are April’s winners.

5 Most Popular Posts: April 2020

  1. “Apocalyptic Reads to Help You Embrace the Nightmare.” Ready to surrender? These disturbing stories go perfectly with our scary new normal!

  2. “Sobering Nonfiction to Put the Pandemic in Perspective.” Feeling overwhelmed? Let these real-life stories remind you of how much we can endure!

  3. “Rejected!” by Lawrence De Maria. “Jack London (you may have heard of him) accumulated 600 rejections before he sold his first story. THAT IS NOT A TYPO. I have to think that, were I in London’s snowshoes, I’d have been howling at the moon like White Fang.”

  4. “Exquisitely Evocative” by Bárbara Mujica. “A prevalent theme in Marjorie Agosín’s work is memory and oblivion. Many of her poems celebrate fast-disappearing Jewish customs or Jewish communities decimated by exile or war. In Braided Memories/Memorias Trenzadas, she memorializes her great-grandmother Helena by retracing Helena’s steps from a vibrant European capital suddenly turned hostile to a new home in Chile, where a beautiful palm tree with outstretched arms awaits her in the garden.”

  5. Colin Asher’s review of The Life of William Faulkner: The Past Is Never Dead, 1897-1934 by Carl Rollyson (University of Virginia). “To give Rollyson his due, The Life of William Faulkner is the result of a remarkable amount of research and is clearly a work of love and respect for its subject and his writing. Its bibliography is 15 pages long, and it’s difficult to imagine that anyone interested in Faulkner could require a supplementary reference after the second volume is released.”

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