Andrea M. Pawley

Andrea M. Pawley loves the smell of Washington D.C., even in the summer. By day, she wrassles bureaucracy. By night, she writes speculative fiction. Her favorite building material is Aquia Creek sandstone. Her occasional dubious / enraged / farcical “insights” can be found at

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Book Review

The Civil War roots of modern photography and the mass appeal of images.

Book Review

The Monstrous

Edited by Ellen Datlow

This collection is not for the young or faint of heart — and ornithophobes should skip it, too.

Book Review

Slow Bullets

By Alastair Reynolds

Strong action and images can’t overcome the weaknesses in this ambitious novel.

Book Review

Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales

Edited by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant

Ghosts, ghouls, and teenagers share center stage in this creepy-fun story collection.

Book Review

Robot Uprisings

Edited by Daniel H. Wilson and John Joseph Adams

A new collection of short stories reminds us to be nice to our machines – they are in control more than we think.

Book Review

The Age of Ice: A Novel

J.M. Sidorova

A man strives to understand why strong emotions turn his touch to ice, moving through more than 200 years of Russian history for the answer.

Book Review

The Shining Girls

Lauren Beukes

A woman pursues the serial killer who tried to end her life — a killer who can also travel through time.

Book Review

The heart of magical realism beats in this novel suffused with a city’s collective emotions in response to events of World War II.

Book Review

Great North Road

Peter F. Hamilton

This new thriller with the suspense of a serial-killer investigation is set in a futuristic, intergalactic world.