Book Review

Be True to Me

By Adele Griffin

A firecracker of a beach read for teens.

Book Review

Haunt Me

By Liz Kessler

Can a bullied, reclusive girl find love in the arms of a ghost?

Book Review


By Riley Redgate

A young girl struggles to stand out while hiding in plain sight.

Book Review

Just Fly Away

By Andrew McCarthy

A former teen heartthrob and successful travel writer tries his hand at a YA novel filled with family secrets.

Book Review

A Face Like Glass

By Frances Hardinge

An unusual tale of a land where cheese is king and self-expression is verboten.

Book Review


By Jesse Edward Johnson

An endearing debut about a teen mulling over "What's next?"

Book Review

A fantastical, winning tale of a girl's immaculate (or not) conception.

Book Review

A grieving teen finds solace with a sasquatch family in this Tarzan-and-Jane redux.