Laura Kart Noell

Laura Kart Noell earned her PhD in Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis, but spent much of her professional life teaching writing and literature courses in English departments at institutions as diverse as Indiana University at South Bend, Federal City College (precursor of UDC), and Northern Virginia Community College.  During those years, she was able to develop a course in humorous literature and to write a textbook for an undergraduate course in world myth.  Now she is luxuriating in the opportunity to read and write for pleasure.


4 entries by Laura Kart Noell

Book Review

Roland Barthes; translated by Richard Howard

Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation

A masterfully rendered translation of the French literary theorist’s essays from the mid-50s.

Book Review

Amos Oz

Scenes from Village Life

In these linked stories, decent people in an Israeli town go about their daily routines as hidden currents quietly undermine the foundations of their lives.


Blog Post: The Gods Are With Us

Laura Kart Noell writes about the way new works of art and popular culture revisit traditional myths.

Book Review

Tommy Zurhellen

Nazareth, North Dakota

Joy-riding on back roads in a modern retelling of a familiar story from the Gospels.