Meet Eduardo Halfon, Chloe Aridjis, and Andrés Neuman

  • October 29, 2020

The authors speak virtually about the pandemic on Sun., Nov. 1st, at noon (PST)!

Meet Eduardo Halfon, Chloe Aridjis, and Andrés Neuman

And We Came Outside and Saw the Stars Again: Writers from Around the World on the COVID-19 Pandemic is a rich, eye-opening, and uplifting anthology featuring dozens of esteemed writers, poets, artists, and translators from more than 30 countries. As our world is transformed by the coronavirus pandemic, writers offer a powerful antidote to the fearful confines of isolation: a window onto lives and corners of the world beyond our own.

Taking its title from the last line of Dante's Inferno, when the poet and his guide emerge from hell to once again behold the beauty of the heavens, the anthology offers a profound global portrait of the defining moment of our time, and sends a clarion call for solidarity across borders. Contributors Eduardo Halfon (author of The Polish Boxer and Mourning), Chloe Aridjis (author of Book of Clouds and Sea Monsters), and Andrés Neuman (author of Traveler of the Century and Fracture) join us to offer literary dispatches from life during the pandemic.

Restless Books will donate net proceeds from And We Came Outside and Saw the Stars Again to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc), which helps the passionate booksellers we readers depend upon.

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