5 Fun Fall Books for Middle-Grade Readers

  • By Mary Daisey Shockley
  • October 27, 2016

An array of interesting titles to please even the choosiest kids!

5 Fun Fall Books for Middle-Grade Readers

Judy Moody and Friends: Mrs. Moody in the Birthday Jinx
Written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Recommended for ages 4-7
This year, Judy is positive her mother’s birthday won’t be jinxed. She’s in charge of the festivities and is determined that everything will go smoothly. But can the intrepid little girl really get her family to work together to make Mom’s big day perfect?


Juana & Lucas
Written and illustrated by Juana Medina
Recommended for ages 5-8
Juana is upset when her Colombian school begins to teach English. She struggles with the language and wonders why she even needs to know it. But once a trip to Spaceland is offered as a reward for mastering the foreign tongue, the little girl finds her passion for speaking it.


Rabbit & Robot and Ribbit
Written and illustrated by Cece Bell
Recommended for ages 5-9
Robot and Rabbit are great friends. But when Robot introduces his new buddy, Ribbit the frog, to Rabbit, the latter isn’t too keen on being pals with anyone who eats disgusting flies. This story teaches a good lesson about the importance of accepting others’ differences.


Comics Confidential
Compiled and edited by Leonard S. Marcus
Recommended for ages 9-15
If your young reader can’t get enough of graphic novels or comics, they’ll love this look at 13 of the creative minds behind them. Each profile features a Q&A, original artwork, and the backstory of the contributors’ popular works.


Snow White: A Graphic Novel
Written and illustrated by Matt Phelan
Recommended for ages 10-15
Matt Phelan reimagines Snow White by setting the fairytale in New York City during the Roaring Twenties. Complete with an evil stepmother and seven young men who take the place of the dwarfs, this fresh spin on a classic makes for a memorable, dramatic read.

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