Video Interview With the Owners of Literati Bookstore

Susana Olague Trapani interviews Hilary and Michael Gustafson, owners of Literati Bookstore, a new independent bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Note from Josh:
Susana and I were in Ann Arbor in late August and wanted to visit the city’s new independent bookstore, Literati Bookstore. The owners graciously agreed to sit down for an interview with Susana. (I acted as the cameraman and later the video editor, for what it’s worth.)

We originally thought it would only be a few minutes long, but once we started talking, the conversation flowed. Hilary and Michael shared a lot about their backgrounds, their motivations in opening the store, and their views about the roles and importance of independent bookstores. Susana and I decided to upload the interview almost in its entirety (about 20 minutes), thinking it will be of interest to readers.

After the interview we browsed the store, which is on two floors in an old building in downtown Ann Arbor. The space was pleasant and the book selection careful yet eclectic. I recognized so many books we’d reviewed (or were planning to review) here on this site. Staff picks by Hilary and Michael showed what thoughtful readers they were; a book store run by thoughtful readers is a wonderful thing indeed.

If you’re ever in Ann Arbor, check out Literati Bookstore. You can also follow them on twitter @LiteratiBkstore.




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