Talmage Boston in Conversation with Evan Thomas

  • March 28, 2024

The author of How the Best Did It: Leadership Lessons From Our Top Presidents comes to DC on Mon., Apr. 1st, at 7 p.m.!

Talmage Boston in Conversation with Evan Thomas

The president of the United States is the most powerful leader in the world. He’s called to make the nation’s most impactful decisions while maintaining the support of the multitudes. Though many have failed at the job, a select few have led America to new heights, and how they did it is worthy of study.

How the Best Did It takes the leadership lessons gained from our greatest presidents and makes them instructive today for all leaders who seek to enhance their performance.

· Want to get promoted without being seen as a self-promoter? Do what Washington did.

· Want to reduce conflict among your group’s factions? Do what Jefferson did.

· Want to know how to take the high road when major problems arise? Do what Lincoln did.

· Want to expand your power into entirely new areas of influence? Do what Theodore Roosevelt did.

· Want to move the needle steadily until ultimate goals are achieved? Do what Franklin Roosevelt did.

· Want to have your team work like a well-oiled machine? Do what Eisenhower did.

· Want to grow in expertise while leading? Do what Kennedy did.

· Want to inspire optimism throughout your enterprise? Do what Reagan did.

Based on Talmage Boston’s sound evaluations, which have been endorsed by America’s leading presidential historians, every chapter ends with a self-examination questionnaire that allows the reader to evaluate his or her own leadership skills.

Hosted by Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC. Learn more here.

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